Joel Quarrington



Virtuoso Reality

by Joel Quarrington & Friends

Joel Quarrington, double bass; Jacques Israelievitch, violin; Steven Dann, viola; Andrew Burashko, piano; Eric Robertson, harpsichord; Members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Timothy Vernon, conductor

Joel Quarrington – the non-conformist, the rebel, the rabble-rouser? Hardly the adjectives we would expect to describe a talented classical musician, let alone a double bass player. But Joel Quarrington is all of these, and more.

Matthew Baird, Coordinating Producer, Project Producer Paulette Bourget, Production Coordination

Peter Cook, Digital Editing

Anton Kwiatkowski, Audio Supervisor, Producer

Ed Marshall, Engineer

Charles Metz, Liner Note Translation

Rick Phillips, Liner Notes

CBC Records  1999

Recorded at the Glenn Gould Studio, CBC, Toronto, Ontario, Canad

1-4. Henry Eccles: Sonata in A minor for double bass and strings

5. Michael Conway Baker: Contours for bass viol, harpsichord & strings

6. Milton Barnes: Papageno Variations for double bass & strings

7. Giovanni Bottesini: Gran Duo Concertante for violin, double-bass & orchestra

8-10. Giovanni Borghi: Sonata for viola & double bass

11-14. Franco Mannino: Sonatina Tropicale, Op. 222 for double bass & piano

15. Pablo de Sarastae: Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20 arr. Quarrington

Images by Fred Cattroll