Joel Quarrington


Victor Martin

I am saddened to hear of the passing of violinist Victor Martin. I owe him a lot; he was my first Maestro with the Chamber Players of Toronto when I was just 18 years old and he arranged for me to go study with his friend Franco Petracchi. Victor and I played the Bottesini Grand Duo for at least fifty performances with the Chamber Players. He left Toronto to go back to Madrid and become Concertmaster of the Spanish National Orchestra in the late 1970's.

In this video he is playing with his cousin Jose Luis Garcia the former leader of the English Chamber Orchestra who passed away a few years ago; I'll never forget the excitement they caused when they played the Navarra with the CPT; that was the best thing I had ever heard! Jose Luis also became a big influence for me and we played fairly often together in the 1980's not only with the Grand Duo but on one really notable occasion (for me at least) the Beethoven "Archduke Trio" with the wonderful pianist, Robert Silverman. I'm very thankful that I got a last chance to see Victor in Madrid a couple of years ago when the LSO spent a whole weekend there.

Launching my new website!

I am really happy to be launching this new website which I hope will inform particular music lovers of my various activities, and will also prove to be a great help to those players who wish to tune their basses in fifths or are devotees of the Canadian School of the Double Bass! Besides my recordings and teaching materials which are available in my store already, I will soon add PDF's of solo material written in concert pitch, orchestral parts with bowings and fingerings, as well as videos and properly edited versions of my own transcriptions. I can release much of this material free of charge, but please don't expect it to be very neat!

If you have any particular requests of issues you would like me to address, or pieces of music, just let me know please. I am always happy to advise on how I would approach any given musical passage.

I must thank Travis Harrison of the Winnipeg Symphony without whose help this project and many others would never have seen the light of day! Thank you Travis and best wishes as you begin your season as guest principal bass of the Canadian Opera Company.

Images by Fred Cattroll